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Study System

Phase I: Students are requested to play during a trial period that lasts up to three months. This period is followed by a placement test, where teachers select the students with high potential. 

Attendance in Bait Al Oud is compulsory and will be monitored by the teachers.

Masters of oud, qanun, cello and other instruments are in charge of teaching in Bait Al Oud. Naseer Shamma implements the artistic direction, supervises all pedagogic activities and also teaches advanced students in Abu Dhabi.

Phase II: Theoretical and practical teaching. After roughly 5-6 semesters of studying, students can graduate from Bait Al Oud with an official certificate.

Music lessons are partially on a one-to-one basis with a teacher, small group or larger group classes (tutti and solfege classes).

The graduation entails the successful participation in a graduate concert with professional musicians. Based on this performance, a jury evaluates the candidates and determines their graduation grade.


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