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Objectives of Establishing Bait Al Oud

  • To spread the culture and awareness of the oud as an instrument, as well as other Arabic musical instruments in the UAE.
  • To highlight the importance of oud, qanun, nay, buzuq, cello, violin, Arabic Singing and rebabah in Arabic music and its schools.
  • To teach the needed techniques to play various instruments, and to facilitate dealing with the various schools of playing.
  • To form a new generation of professional musicians and create an Arab music group to present professional music performances in the UAE.
  • To teach how to manufacture musical instruments of different sizes.
  • To encourage research about oud in particular, and Arabic instruments in general in different cultures.
  • To have graduate musicians with a global level of specialisation.
  • To share musical performances and projects for the instruments taught at Bait Al Oud.
  • To preserve Arabic musical heritage and to create ways to develop and modernise it.
  • To have graduate teachers and masters of the above mentioned instruments.

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Toll free number in the UAE: 800 555

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