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Features Of The Oud

Bait Al Oud is not only a place of oud teaching, but also a place of oud making. Ouds made in Bait Al Oud are designed to help musicians master the most difficult techniques, and meet the development of modern methods of playing that have emerged in recent decades. One of the most important features that distinguish the ouds made in Bait Al Oud is the accuracy of sizes as assembled by Naseer Shamma. These ouds are perfect instruments that are easy to handle and fix.

  • Full length of the instrument is 67cm, the width is 36cm; the length of the arm is 19cm with a width of 4cm near the keys end and 6cm near the sound box. The total length of the chord is 57cm.
  • The instrument is characterised by tight tuning of the banjaq, with the banjaq carved on a piece of wood. This is the first time that ouds are made using a carving technique. This method has proved to give longer life and durability. The best keys are made of abanos, a durable wood, which helps to control the precise tightness of the chord and to tune the highest tones, thereby giving more accuracy.
  • Quality of sound is also a distinctive feature of the Oud. The best type of cider wood is used to manufacture the ouds after numerous examinations for the best way to divide the sound pitches within the instrument. This method gives a distinctive sound in oud strings especially for high tones and base.
  • The instrument is characterised by its pure sound that is free of any humming.

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