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About Oud Maker Amr Fawzi

Amr Fawzi was born in 1973 and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, where he obtained a diploma in commerce in 1993. He studied oud playing at the Institute of Arabic Music in Cairo, but then moved to sculpture. He has worked in the field of artefacts, antiques and wooden art objects. During his studies at Bait Al Oud, he gained information about the nature of the instrument and the types of wood it is made of.

He met Naseer Shamma in 2000 and began to learn from him the theory and practice of the oud industry. He completed his studies in 2002 and graduated from Bait Al Oud in Cairo with honours. He became one of the most important lecturers, teaching oud making and history at Bait Al Oud. Since graduating, he has built more than 198 ouds. He has been working for two years as a master in charge of the Bait Al Oud workshop in Abu Dhabi.

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