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Bait Al Oud

Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi plays an essential role in documenting masterpieces of Arab musical heritage in addition to restoring the role of music as a fundamental element in the cultural life of UAE’s nationals and residents.

Encouraging the dissemination of knowledge concerning the history, theory, practice and performance of Arabic music and instruments, the institution, which was founded by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) is dedicated to restoring music as an integral element of the cultural life of Abu Dhabi, fostering creativity and promoting artistic dialogue throughout the emirate and beyond the UAE. 

One of the key objectives for Bait Al Oud is to firmly establish the school as a regional hub for musicians focused on Arabic music and instruments and train and develop young Emiratis in the expert use of traditional instruments.

The institute focuses on teaching Arabic music and its instruments such as oud, qanun and the Middle Eastern cello. Additionally, Bait Al Oud will soon be the UAE’s first music institute to teach rababa to a professional level.

Bait Al Oud is moving to become an integrated music institute, consistent with Abu Dhabi's vision of sustainable development and cultural and artistic renaissance, with the aim of preserving the UAE’s musical heritage. There are also imminent plans to establish Bait Al Oud as one of the best oud production centres in the region.

Through the development plan, Bait Al Oud will also become a tourism destination, which presents Abu Dhabi’s visitors with the musical cultural heritage of the UAE and the Arab world, as well as an attraction that features oud and Arabic music performances and concerts.


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