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The capital has a tradition of classical music events dating back to the 1990s, when enthusiasts such as Zaki Nusseibeh and others, organised the sponsors and the various venues, so that we could regularly enjoy performances by visiting artists. Abu Dhabi Classics has taken up this tradition and brought it to new highs of excellence with events, which are the envy of concert-goers in Europe. This [season’s programme] reminds us that ‘classical music’ need not only be European. Abu Dhabi Classics is particularly apt to open our minds to the music and the musicians of other parts of the world. TCA is again mindful of the interested audiences in other parts of the country and scheduled an equal number of events for venues in Al Ain. All our enthusiastic applause and gratitude will be for the artists on stage as well as the organisers in the background.Dr. Frauke Heard-Bey — author of 'From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates'

I was very happy to be part of the Abu Dhabi Classics Season and was particularly impressed by its quality and high standards. I met in Abu Dhabi a team dedicated to their work as well as an enthusiastic public, very keen on doing artistic discoveries. Abu Dhabi has become today a place of multiple cultural exchanges and represents as such without any doubt a treasure that we should all aim to preserve. David Fray — Concert Pianist

Conducting two concerts with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in Abu Dhabi was an amazing experience! It was our first time visiting and performing there and we all came away with such great memories and feelings. We were looked after with such warmth and friendliness. The two venues we played in were stunning!
To hear such positive reactions from the audiences gave us such a thrill and to personally speak to the audience members afterwards and hear their enthusiasm was truly memorable! We can’t wait to be back with you in December, playing Beethoven, Brahms & James Bond – See you all very soon!! Michael Seal — Conductor

Bin Hammoodah Fort was a truly magical setting for the Jordi Savall concert in Al Ain. Transport to the fort from the parking area worked smoothly, and once inside the fort you feel as if you are miles away from the city. It’s surrounded by palm trees which you can see above the walls from the inside, and before the music began one could only hear the palms rattling in the wind and a few birds calling – no traffic.
The concert itself was among the best I have been to since I moved to the UAE several years ago; it transported us across continents and through the centuries with the universal language of music. Those of us who are not able to travel to Abu Dhabi mid-week really appreciated such a programme being offered in Al Ain. Geraldine Kershaw

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