Bait Al Oud: Graduation Concert- Vocal Section

This concert, presented by the vocal section at Bait Al Oud, celebrates the graduation of Sarah Shawky. The talented singer attained an outstanding grade on completion of her studies and she will perform a selection of Arabic songs.

Graduation Project
Project title: Music and Its Impact on Vital Human Energy

Shawky’s research discusses the importance of music, its impact on human life and its abilities as a form of treatment. The research sheds light on the vital relationship between music, as a form of vitality , and the energy levels of human beings. It reviews modern studies and literature on the relationship between music and the sources of  human energy, as well as on the ways music can be used in various means of treatment.

The programme will reflect the project and Shawky will discuss it with the Refereeing Committee.

Oh My God of Your Eyes, Ahlam Wahbi
A Stranger from Homeland, Abdou Al-Sarouji
My Soul is into You, Mohammed Abdel Wahab 
How Many People There Were, Fayruz
Oh You Whose Love is Keeping My Mind Busy, Asmahan
I Repent from Your Love, Sheikh Imam
Eshtrony, Warda Al Jazaereya
The Suffering, Mohammed Abdu
From Your Look, Oh You Beautiful, Najah Salam
Oh Saryah, Tell Me, Mohammed Abdu

Dr Fathulla Ahmed
Dr Fathulla Ahmed is the Arabic singing instructor at Bait Al Oud. He has a Higher Diploma in Music, a Bachelor’s degree in TV Production, a Master’s degree in TV Music and a PhD in Musical Sciences. Dr Fathulla was a member of the Iraqi Orchestra, managed the national radio station Band of Iraq, and he was also a professor at Baghdad Art School. Dr Fathulla was a Dean of the Higher School of Musical Studies in Baghdad and was a former manager of the Arts Department at the Iraqi Culture Authority. Among his collaborations with famous artists as a composer is his music with Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir.

Sarah Shawky
Born in the UAE, Sarah Shawky started singing from the age of seven and participated in school talent concerts. After graduating from the American University with a degree in interior design, she embarked on a journey in music at Bait Al Oud in 2016. At the school, Shawky learnt the principles of Arabic music and the authentic art form from Dr Fathulla Ahmed, who gave her dedicated attention inspired by his experience. This is a gift to be treasured by anyone who wants to become a musician. Ms Shawky’s journey at Bait Al Oud coincided with her interest in human development and energy science. She therefore decided to research the relationship between music and human energy, and the impact of music on the human soul and body. Shawky presented her research under the name of Bait Al Oud, under the supervision of Dr Fathulla Ahmed, so that it could be a useful resource for anyone interested in music and for other people who listen to music in their daily lives.


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  • 26 Sep 2019
  • 20:00 - 22:00
  • Manarat Al Saadiyat
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